Notes panel love

I see the incredibly annoying V6 / V7 notes panel bug, (where if you alt+tabbed away from rhino and back, the text would highlight + if there was enough text to trigger the vertical scroll bar the focus would go to the end of the notes, regardless of wherever in the text you had been working) has been fixed in the latest WIP.

Well Done!

I didn’t see anything about this being fixed in the list of changes, so I assume it’s an off-shoot of work on the layer manager?

Anyway, this is a small step to making the notes panel the serious tool it could and should be for helping to document the model as one works.

To do this it would need at least the tools already in the windows notepad
plus strikethrough, and ideally spell check.

Why not just use a word processor, or the windows notepad etc?

Because the rhino notes panel has one huge plus – ie the notes are saved with the file!

Please give this overlooked but potentially so helpful little tool some love…




Hi Rabbit - thanks, I’ve added your comments here
RH-4393 RichText in Notes