[WIP] Near-Future Multi-Band Space Telescope

I’m having some problems trying to find time to do nice surfacing work on the car I posted a while ago. So I can keep myself enjoying making stuff, I had an idea about making a multi-band, 5-metre IR-FIR telescope.

This is more towards the scifi thinking again, but perhaps a little closer to our time. The concept is to assemble part of this in space, magically of course, by flying up parts on multiple flights.

The second image shows one of 3 pairs of supports which will hold the solar shield, which will sort of look like a bat-like parasol or such when I construct the rest of it.

Model is all Rhino, and rendering is in bella. Here, I have allowed bella to finish only to ~10% or such, to save myself time. One of the primary goals is to force myself into getting used to using Rhino 8. Inset and PushPull have been awsome features for this project. It’s nice to be able to do ten minutes here and there where I can, but I would really like to return to the car soon as well.

Anyway, it’s another fun thing to keep my mind escaping, and I’ll carry on updating this if anyone is interested.

The background is a NASA image, and may be found here:


Made a start on the 3 solar panels, which are facing to the rear. Hoping to improve the texturing by introducing a more crystalline look. Directly behind these will be the solar sheild, also mounted to the rear struts. In the background, the foil on the tanks can be seen in gold.

When R8 isn’t crashing, both _Inset and _PushPull are sublime to use, especially with the automatic projected curve detection. Some caution must be taken, as sometimes, _PushPull makes the objects disappear.

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if you are experiencing crashes and you get the “sad rhino” crash reporter, please send them in with a description of what you were doing when it dies… these reports are all reviewed by our dev team and are essential for finding bugs that create these crashes.

I will try to do so. I’ve had mixed outputs. Sometimes it goes sad. Other times it just crashes to desktop. I normally just accept it as Rhinoisms and move on.

Some more work done on the solar panels over the last few days.

I’ll be reversing and correcting textures at some point.


Been having a play with the new version of Bella render, which as always, has provided a great update. The new IPR updates in particular have made it much smoother to use interactively in Rhino 8.

Crucially, I know there were a few people who had difficulty with the 720p demo limit. That has now increased to 1080p (with a watermark)!

Anyway, I made a start on the rotary engine/thruster, of which there will be three.

This render is directly from Bella, with the new experimental VisonToning fitler used, and an overlayed film grain; 22 minutes in total. Not my best composition, but I don’t have much time to make the lighting better.


Does VisionTone also work directly in Rhino?

no, it is still experimental

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I’m already playing with it in Bella GUI :slight_smile:

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Not far off finally getting to the solar shield. Some additional pipework added to the back end.