WIP Input / Display Bug

Hi, I did some testing with the new WIP today and now I get black viewports whenever any point input is requested. The mouse leaves a trace in all viewports. When I click to input some locations then Rhino crashes after a few points.
Maybe it is related to this: Mouse Event rewrite @stevebaer

Hi Jess,

Not seeing that here - no black viewport and no crashing - but I do see a phenomenon I have seen in previous versions when creating multiple points in Perspective - not all the points show up on the screen until the command finishes… Like there is some camera frustum clipping going on… (6.0.15062.11291, 03-03-15)


Hi Mitch,

I’ve seen clipping errors too; also with other geometry than points if I recall correctly. But I think this bug is a different problem. Hope I didn’t mess up the WIP by playing with some test-commands :smiley:

I highly doubt that has anything to do with my mouse rewrite code. That said, this looks like a really bad display bug that we need to try and fix right away. Does this happen in both wireframe and shaded display modes?

Hi Steve,

Yes it also happens if I switch the Top viewport to Shaded and hover over it.
Did some more testing: The viewports even go black if I enter the coordinates on the keyboard. I can input several points but once I complete the command then Rhino crashes.

more info:
Rhino works as expected if I un-check “Do not use OpenGL for drawing feedback items”

Ah, that’s it, now I get the same thing. I never have that box checked, so I would never have noticed… Obviously it shouldn’t crash like that, but why do you need it checked?


I don’t need that. I guess I switched it on while trying to report another display bug about point clouds preview and forgot about it :wink:

Great; I changed quite a bit of the display code recently and didn’t test this case. I’ll look into it. Thanks for helping to diagnose the exact problem

I’ve logged this bug at http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-29820

This should be fixed in the next WIP.