WIP date or SR display

Does it seem like the service release date or WIP date should be displayed so when a screen shot is taken of someone’s problem , then it wouldn’t have to be asked which version you are running? Just a thought. Thanks ,Mark

Hi Mark - SystemInfo displays that information at the top of the report, as does Help > About Rhinoceros. in either, the relevant text can be copied and pasted… does that cover what you’re suggesting?


I’d hazard a guess that this info be for instance in the title bar of Rhino. Thus less steps for everybody (no need to ask, no need to click/select/copy&paste).

Pascal, Nathen hit the gist of my comment. It was to eliminate some of the asking of which software is being used in relation to release date.
Thanks for listening, Mark

ie: in screen shots!

That would be the logical place for it, I suppose. I have noticed, however, that many (most?) screenshots that get posted here have the title bar clipped off. Often, it seems, in an attempt to hide the fact that an illegal copy is used.

At any rate, people should probably post a 3dm file anyway and that has release information embedded.