Windows Taskbar Thinks V7 is V6

I reported this during the WIP (RH-56379). Windows still thinks V7 is V6 in the taskbar. I keep miss-clicking V7 which launches a new instance. By the end of the day, I have half a dozen instances of V7 running in the background.


It also interferes with your ability to right-click the icon to access recent documents.

It says it’s been moved, but it’s not. It’s just trying to open it in V6.


The V6 icon is missing now. I’ve had it uninstalled for a while. With the broken flow commands in V6, I only used it as a translator for copy-pasting from V7 and V5. Now I use an ‘export to V5’ macro and copy-paste back into V7.

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Note that that one was marked as a duplicate of RH-45868.

Also see:


That youtrack is not visible to me. I found out how to fix it. Will update other thread.