Windows 8.1 Network Mapped Drives Missing in Rhino 64bit

We have several Windows 8.1 uesrs complaining that their network mapped drives do not show when doing a FILE / OPEN dialog within Rhino 64 bit.

Has anyone else seen this? We cannot track down the root cause.

Customer A runs Win 8.1 with UAC off, opens Rhino 5 x64, goes to FILE > OPEN. The dialog that comes up only shows folders and local drives. The 7 or so network mapped drives do not show.

Customer B runs Win 8.1 with UAC off, opens Rhino 5 x64, goes to FILE > OPEN and ALL drives are present.

Both A and B are on the same network. Have the same drives mapped. And are Administrators on their machines.

This only occurs with the 64bit Rhino on Windows 8.

I have several Window 8.1 test bed systems, all with UAC on. I can not duplicate this problem. I’ve tried different Folder Option settings, different rights levels and in every case, all of my mapped drives show up as they should.

I don’t know what to suggest.
Maybe @stevebaer will have an idea.

I can see mapped drives on my Windows 8.1/Rhino 5 x64 system.

There is a policy registry key called "EnableLinkedConnections” that will enable the mapped drives to appear when running applications as an administrator. Worth looking at.


Thank you, look forward to hearing from Steve. We have a couple machines in house that exhibit the same behavior.

I’ve been unable to find any way to rectify it on those machines…

“It works fine on my machine” also but unfortunately that doesn’t fly for our customers. :slight_smile:

You The Man! That has resolved the issue regardless of UAC settings on our in house machines.

Thank you so much!

Since you have a couple system that do exhibit this behavior, have you checked the Registry item Dale described?

TestToggleFileDialog will make Rhino use the older “XP” style file open/save dialog.

There is always the possibility that a file extension is messing with the open file dialog and different extensions are used for the different dialogs.

Whoa, I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket…

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I can’t see the network drive ( Z:\ ) on my new computer (Windows 10) either.
When i go to the registry I can’t see the “EnableLinkedConnections”=dword:00000001 file. See attached image.

This is the case for the latest Rhino 7 but NOT for the WIP. I can open files with the WIP version on my network.

You need to either manually create the registry key or create the registry file and run it like I see in your screenshot. However it does appear as though you have invalid quote characters surrounding the key name.

This forum is changing quotation marks regardless of how I try to type it.

This has incorrect quote marks: “EnableLinkedConnections”=dword:00000001

Copy / Paste it into notepad, then delete the quotes and replace them.


Thank you !!!
It works. I did it manually.
Kind regards,

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