Rhino does not connect to NAS anymore

Hi everyone, all of a sudden my rhino to maxwell plugin does not connect to the texture folder anymore and does not list the drive and path or even shows the network or my synology NAS anymore.
Same thing goes for the search paths under Rhino-Options/Files/Searchpaths…

Win 10 explorer does list the NAS and connects without problem, but the Database does not list any network paths. ANY IDEAS why? Thanks Carsten

Hello - so it is the Maxwell plug-in, and not Rhino that is misbehaving, is that correct?


Hi Pascale, I don’t think so because under Rhino Tools/Options/Files/Search Paths/ Select Folder, I also can not connect to the Synology NAS drive, just does not show up under Network, just the local Win 10 PC is visible. So I doubt that the Maxwell plugin is the problem… The windows explorer though shows the NAS and I am able to access it, no problem.

@dale - do you have any idea what might be happening here?


Hi @carsten_quilitz,

Did you ‘map’ a drive a drive letter to the NAS device through Windows or Explorer?

For example:

net use z: \\nas\somefoldre /persistent:yes

– Dale

HA! DALE. We are getting closer… I tried doing that and I actually also do NOT see the Synology NAS, even though the Win 10 Explorer does connect to it. So at least I now know it has to do with Windows screwing things up here, right? But what could I do?

Maybe SMB1 Sharing Protocol is disabled in Windows 10?