Window frames in different places

hi there, any avince of how to do this? i have to repeat this windows frames several times but the hole where i have to put it are all different. so instead of make one by one i would like to copy tis and adjust the measure. i try using scale 1d but it changes the measure of the frame and the strech command but it doesnt work well. Any idea?


Since these are relatively simple, orthoganal geometries, you can select brep points, edges, or faces at strategic locations and simply move them along a fixed axis without skewing the geometry.
For instance select the points of the frame and window in this region only and move them in the direction of the arrows with the gumball. You can enter a precise dimension.
The same goes for the left and right border situation of the window.


Another, better approach would be to make a parametric Grasshopper definition for window generation.
In Rhino 8 Rhino 9 or later, it will be possible to make dynamic blocks with constraints, much like in Fusion360 or AutoCAD, which will come in handy for something like this.

Hi Marc -

We found that the amount of work that remains to get this feature in a Minimum Viable state is too much to get it into the Rhino 8 release. This project will be moved to Rhino 9.

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Even, constraints? Or only constraints within blocks?

The entire constraints project.

Oh, that was what I was most looking forward to, besides Rhino becoming heavy Metal. :sob: :wink:

dont understand. i have to put the window frame in the hole but mantaining the proportions of the window frame. See the picture, the green doesnt hace to change the measure, but the red have to

Hi Bruno -
As Marc said, you should be able to sub-object select surfaces and move those.
If you post a file with only the window and the new opening in the wall, it might be easier to show…

prueba.3dm (530.1 KB)

Hi Bruno -
Here’s a quick screen recording. Use Ctrl + Shift to select sub-objects.
With that key combination active, LMB window-select around the parts that need moving and then simply move them where they need to be.

2022-10-28 MoveSubSrfs

I notice you’re running a cracked version of Rhino 7.1. We are currently at 7.23…

perfect, thank u so much