Rhino WIP ...?

Where is this at ???

No constraints. Where are they?

Constraints were dropped from the Rhino 8 WIP. They may be part of the next WIP.

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Any suggestions or an existing video on how to maintain dimensions as I do a lot of reverse engineering where Im trying to maintain existing tolerances.

From “David Cockey via McNeel Forum” <notifications@mcneel.discoursemail.com>
To dale@calvertsigns.com
Date 11/11/2023 12:27:13 AM
Subject [McNeel Forum] [Rhino] Rhino WIP …?

Even though its a wonderful tool for free form modeling, Its a shame that Rhino isnt useful in accurate reverse engineering where constraints can maintain dimensions. I guess Ill wait for WIP9 and not purchase yet.

Hi Dale -

There are several users here on the forum that appear to be able to do accurate reverse engineering with Rhino, but I will let them comment further on that…

A Rhino 9 WIP will only be available to users that have purchased a previous version of Rhino and I’m not seeing any licenses associated with your email address. Also, it hasn’t been decided that Rhino 9 will have constraints. We have asked for feedback on what users expect from such tool, but haven’t gotten much to go on.