Wind distribution around a building

Hi, I have a question that has been in my brain for a while. I am not an expert in wind and wind distribution around buildings. However, is there any work in this area that I can use for the buildings. All I want is to be able to do a simulation and get a feeling about wind distribution around a building. Is this even possible in GH? Thanks

Hi @Manoochehr_a, have you looked at

It’s tricky to install all the dependencies to get openfoam to work, but this will enable you to perform cfd from grasshopper

Hi are you thinking about pedestrian level wind speeds, e.g. for comfort around the base of the building?
There are also a few options integrated with tools like AutoCAD but it is pretty specialist stuff, even if the tools are starting to allow you to produce images fairly quickly for simple cases.

Many thanks. I will explore it to see how it goes.