Wind pressure on building

I have a pretty complex geometry building that I need to know what wind pressure should I use for design of the building. Is there any component in gh that can help me find wind pressure on the building. Please point me to the right direction.

In short… OpenFoam for Grasshopper. Basically you will use Rhino and Grasshopper as an interface for a CFD simulation. I’d suggest using a trial version of some ready made CFD software, because I get the sence you haven’t done this kind of work before.

You could try the Butterfly or Swift plug-ins for Grasshopper:


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If this is for structural design of a real building then you should consult a structural engineer or wind engineer with experience of wind loading of that type of building in the local wind climate. :slight_smile:

CFD is not generally recommended as the sole design tool for structural loading of buildings, even by an experienced operator.

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