Grasshopper wind analysis


Is there a simple way/plug-in in grasshopper that can create some wind analysis?
similar to the images below. I am having a hard time trying to get “Butterfly” to work and I am looking for alternatives.

Not free ones to my knowledge.


Thanks!! Exactly what I needed!

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Hi Fred, I tried to download it, but couldn’t. Do you know if this software is still available?

Don’t know much about eddy but you can try Butterfly for ladybug.

If are trying to get a something similar to the second image I would: 1. Use this analyses 2. create a point cloud 3. Retrieve the closest point that was tested for the analyses 4. Retrieve the vector of the wind based on the index of that point to move along that vector 5. Use Anemone to loop the process.

This is my project I used for it:

Sadly I did not have the time to refine my process nor fix my analyses on the buildings but still pretty cool.