Rhino GUI with CPython

Hi Dev Team,

It has been a while since I last heard of news regarding Control Rhino with GUI using CPython, a.k.a. not a headless Rhino as described here or here.

I would say my goal is to be able to control Rhino, in the sense that I can do geometrical operations, add remove objects with Rhino Doc and initiate UI interaction for user to pick and click things. This is currently possible with PythonScript, however as Python 2 had sunset for 2 years, it had been difficult maintaining compliance and keep up with dependency libraries.

I’m aware that Rhino.Inside is the closest Rhino can get with CPython at the moment. An alternative is that Python Scripting component will migrate from IronPython to CPython, or even less likely is that IronPython will have a Python 3 plot. So I’m pinging if there are any news regarding that.

Thanks a lot.

We are actively working on CPython support in Rhino 8.