Why no spelling check in rhino?

How can I do it? Thank you !

There are a lot of boring reasons that there’s no reason to hash through here.

Certainly you have another application on your computer currently with a spell check you you like.
Why not write out your verbiage in that tool with the aid of your existing spell checker, then copy and paste it into Rhino?

I recently experienced spell checking in the RH6 WIP. Was i dreaming? (Not on a 'puter at the moment).

It appears to be there in V6. I wonder if they were able to hook it up using a Windows supplied tool?
News to me.

There still is an old wish list item for one listed as “Future”, and nothing I can find that shows we did any development. Maybe this is an automatic thing that happens through our current Windows development tools.
No idea.

The first thought through my mind at the time was that it’d be nice if we could change the language. English checking when writing in another language is not really all that useful. I didn’t look into it any further at the time.

Adding a spell checker is on the list.


– Dale

Is spell check working in v6? If so how do I activate it?
According to this video its preloaded now?

It is working in Version 6 SR10
(6.10.18275.12371, 10/02/2018). Try it!

Hi @Fred_C
It worked for a while it seems and then stopped any idea why ?

No idea…works here fine,
Version 6 SR10
(6.10.18296.11021, 10/23/2018)