Why Monolith disappear in Rhnio 7 after intalled and used once?

Hi, All.
I am practice monolith for a bit days ago. I find it hard to install it in Rhino 7. After I installed it, I used it once while today when I launch grasshopper I find that it disappears from the menu bar. Then I trie in Rhino 6, it is easily to be installed, so I guess it might be the the compatibility thing but not sure.
Could any one show me how to solve this problem in Rhino 7? Many thanks!

On food4rhino, it’s mentioned that it works in Rhino 4 and 5. It also hasn’t been updated in more than 4 years, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic. It’s probably an abandoned add-on. :wink:

Hi, Diff.
Thanks for your reply .
Things change really fast :rofl:

Woah, I feel like monolith is still a new plugin, I remember when it was released… Time flies.