Why is this very simple model saving so large?

Rhino_Help.3dm (18.2 MB)

So I wouldn’t have noticed if it was just 20mb with these 4 solids -but my actual model has like 60 of these simple solids and the file size is over 600mb. This happens every time I split many curves out of one surface. I have no idea how that would create such a large file size.

I did save small and I did copy over these pieces from another .3dm model. So I have no idea whats going on here.


If this helps…

4 objects, 19042724 bytes (offset 22558 to 19065282)
History Record Table:
0 history records, 24 bytes (offset 19065282 to 19065306)
Model User Data Table:
user table[0]: (3700 bytes)
Plug-in name: Renderer Development Kit
Plug-in id: 16592D58-4A2F-401d-BF5E-3B87741C1B1B
user table[1]: (497 bytes)
Plug-in name: Rhino Render
Plug-in id: 5DC0192D-73DC-44f5-9141-8E72542E792D
user table[2]: (20482 bytes)
Plug-in name: V-Ray for Rhino
Plug-in id: E8CFE179-B60C-411a-8416-62A893334519
3 user tables, 24982 bytes (offset 19065306 to 19090288)
Archive size = 19090308 bytes (end mark size = 19090308)

Hi Aiden,

Looks like your hexagonal surfaces are a trimmed part of a much larger complex surface. You can see it by exploding the solid and showing one of the top surfaces points. It’s quite heavy and that’s what makes the file big (remembering a complex surface that is underlying your cut pieces). Try shrinking the surface ( _ShrinkTrimmedSrf ). The file size goes down to 345 kB.

PS. Save small would not help here. It only does not save render meshes which are not an issue here.



Perfect. Thanks!