Why is the max displacement so high?

I am trying to design a steel tower structure with truss members. When I provide bending stiffness to the elements, the nodal displacements are in practical ranges. However, when I do not provide bending stiffness(which I should do for truss elements), the displacement is in the order of 10^12 cm and there are also rigid body modes somehow. There are 2 load cases, 0-gravity; 1-wind load. Please help me find the mistake.
MTP_2.gh (60.5 KB)

your columns are split in the middle meaning that if you convert it into a truss, it will be kinematic. This is why your displacements are so high

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Thank you so much, so should I use a single line as column or is there a way to join them while still keeping them as separate truss members?

If you wish to activate them as truss members, make sure not to have any split points (unless there are other members that connect at that point). A single line in this case would probably be the best

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