Why I cant explode VA geometry with ExplodeBlock anymore?

Hello everyone, I used to explode visualarq geometry so I could edit plans better. Now I need to use simple Explode and the lines get super segmented.

Is there a way I can explode the plan but still have the curves separated still by its geometry?

Hi Leonardo,
What do you mean by “lines get super segmented”? can you attach an example?
When you explode a plan view it is not possible to get the curves as polylines according to the contours of the objects they represent, if this is what you are asking for. The reason for that is that there might always be objects occluded by other objects which makes it not possible to generate their contours.

Here it is, the secctions are grouped.

What do I mean by super segmented is what it should be one line, get segmented in a lot of lines… What I want is a way to turn around this as it was when I used to be able to explode VA geometry with explodeblock command

There are many drawings and details in this model, but I can see there are objects (plants and lamps) with many edges, and also hatch patterns on walls displayed in projection, that VisualARQ generates as individual lines. VisualARQ keeps the hatch entities in exploded views when they are used as section attributes, but it can’t do the same for hatches displayed in projection, because they might be partially hidden by other objects and then the contour to regenerate them as hatches when you explode the view is lost.

I’m not aware of the ExplodeBlock command being compatible with VisualARQ objects. When did that happen (which version)? And the result of exploding VisualARQ 2D views with the Explode command has been always the same.

I always used it, last time I updated to this new version I think it was 2.11 I guess…

Yes, the results were always the same, and they aren’t good the explode block used to facillitate this part for me.