Exploding plans

Hi developers, I am posting this to give you guys a sugestion.

It would be nice if somehow whenever when I need to explode plans (due to alterations on projects and stuff) it didn’t need to be so agressive and explode the plan view into every line that compose it.

Maybe have a comand that you can edit the plan or even an explode comand that explode the plan but you still can select just walls or even a specific wall for exemple.

If there is already a way to do this, please show me how! This is a specific but week point in this nice plug-in.


Hi Leonardo, the 2D plan and section views keep the 2D attributes of the objects they represent. So if you explode them, you can still select the resulting curves that belong to walls, slabs, etc. if you have organized these objects by layer. Would you like these objects were exploded as polylines rather than individual curves perhaps?

What it is not possible now is to explode just a part of a 2D section/plan view.
What are these alterations about? Ideally the 2D documentation has to be generated from the 3D model so any change must be done on th 3D model directly and see the changes in the resulting docuementation. If you provide more details about what you want to get we can study how to improve the program.

Have you tried the option to print the model in plan and section views (in VA 2.0) without having to create 2D plan and Section views? That way you can just edit an object in the 3D model (a wall for example) and see the changes in real time in page layouts or viewports.

Its is a good feature for people who work with other people that don’t use rhino. Details would be a smaller explosion, so insted of one big block exploding to curves, hatches and stuf, it could explode in smaller blocks containing doors, walls and etc…

It would improve the communication between, at least for me and the people I work with and for.

Got it.
If this feature was available, in case of doors and windows the result seems obvious. The plan view “explosion” will keep doors and windows as blocks, but how would you deal with walls? would you keep the contour of all connected walls as a polyline? And in case of multilayer walls, a polyline for each wall layer?

In case of multilayer walls: each wall-layer a polyline with it’s hatch.
At a wall-opening (door/window) no block with a wipeout, but an actual gap in the wall-layer, so multiple polylines for a wall section with openings. This way it’s editability in Acad is the most flexible, and I personally hate dealing with wipeouts.
(I would actually prefer an option to explode the door/window blocks to the level of polylines, but that may be too much to ask for)

I take note of all these suggestions and let you know when there are news on these features.

just as autocad architecture does, and I think ME_Mark could explain how it does! Anyways, it would be a good feature I guess, but don’t know if its hard to be done.