Why I can't compile openNurbs well?

hi ,Guys, After I download openNurbs source code opennurbs_6.1.18014.22401,I use vs2017 to compile openNurbs_public.sln, with language ISO C++14 Standard or ISO C++ 17Standard ,plateform x64,windows SDK Version 10.0.17134.0,and I can’t compile successfully,here are many errors.there are many problems 1002 errors like these types.

Error E0282	the global scope has no "nexttowardf"	
Error E0020	identifier "DBL_DIG" is undefined
Error E0757	variable "size_t" is not a type name	
Error E0757	member "ON_SimpleArray<T>::size_t [with T=ON_3DM_BIG_CHUNK]" is not a type name	
Error C1083	Cannot open include file: 'stddef.h': No such file or directory	zlib

and what I can do to make this compile well ? or other help documents can slove this problem?@dale

After I follow the Installing Tools (Windows) guides,I install vs2017 ,but I don’t install [Rhino 6 for Windows] and rh60sdk_[build_number].msi .and I follow Supported C++ Compilers guide, I rebuilt opennurbs_public program,and there are 4Errors,

"E0040 excepeted an identifieer”                                      freetype263         
“initializer is not a constant”                                       freetype263 
“Error C2065 ‘AF_SCRIPT_CYRL’: undeclared identifier.”                freetype263
"cannot open file 'C:/opennubrs/bin/x64/Debug/freetype263.lib' "

and how can I compile this program successfully?

I just want to use 2D NUBRS function,input: contol points , maxError, maxDistance,output: the Points of the curve.how I can do this quickly?

Hi @caojunqi,

I just download, unzipped and successfully build the latest openNURBS (opennurbs_6.1.18014.22401.zip), both Debug and Release with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 (Version 15.7.2).

It sounds like you may not have enough C++ installed. You may want to re-run the Visual Studio installer and make sure the required C++ components are installed. On Windows 10, click Cortana and type “Visual Studio Installer”.

– Dale

Do you install the Rhino C/C++ SDK?

No, the Rhino C/C++ SDK is only for building C++ plug-ins for Rhino. And, the openNURBS headers cannot be used with the openNURBS toolkit.

– Dale