Why doesnt mesh + appear in my toolbar?

I’m trying to download the plug in Mesh+ into my grasshopper but for some reason it does not appear in my toolbar after I drag the zip file contents into my component folders. I restarted Rhino and GH however the issue persists. I noticed after downloading Mesh + 2.103 the folder doesnt have a green file but its all yellow. What is the difference between the green file plugins and the yellow file plugins?

Thank you

Natalie Tai

You need to copy *.ghuser files into UserObjects folder, you can open this folder via the Grasshopper File->Special Folder menu item. You should also be able to just drag the *.ghuser files into Grasshopper. It will then be copied to the User Object folder and loaded in the toolbar.

Thanks Mahdiyar that worked perfectly! Can you explain the difference between plugins dragged into the ‘Component Folder’ versus being dragged into the ‘User Object Folder’?

Much appreciated

Natalie Tai

*.ghuser is a format for storing non-standard versions of existing components. They just make it easier to instantiate components that have the settings/data you want right away. Mesh+ is a set of vBScript components with custom code.

*.gha is a Grasshopper plugin file. These files are made by compiling .NET source code into .NET assemblies. This is usually done using Visual Studio.

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