Mesh Edit Components

Where can i download the plug-in MeshEdit Components 2.0 for Rhino 5?

Hi Mickael,

I tried to install MeshEdit, I followed all the instructions (even unblocked it) but I can’t find it in GH. I have Rhino 5 and GH 0.9.0076. Do you have any ideas how I can fix it ?

mesh edit doesn’t have its own tab. The components go into the regular mesh tabs

I understand but it is not in the regular mesh tab either :persevere:

So you don’t have these?

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Oh I do, I thought it was just one tool called meshedit… well thank you and sorry for wasting your time for that :+1:

Is there a MeshEdit that exists and is compatible for Rhino 6? I tried loading the latest release of MeshEdit but it’s not working. Any ideas?

Make sure to unblock the meshedit.gha. before loading Rhino & GH.

Yep I did that already.

Looks like the most recent version the author’s made available is before Rhino 6’s release. Mmmm I wonder how others are navigating this problem.

The specific MeshEdit tool I’m looking to use is “Mesh from points”

Works fine here for R6. Although I don’t believe MeshEdit has any “Mesh from points” component.

The individual component shown in the middle, “From points” is missing in my definition. The plugin error message I get when loading the file says that only MeshEdit is missing. Any ideas?from%20points

Indeed it is there in my Grasshopper with Mesh Edit on R6.