Why do I have a cake in my name? ๐Ÿ˜€

Just noticed that I have a cake after my name, am I selebrating something I donโ€™t know about!

I think it means you signed up (to Disco) on this date. I got one the other day. Just go with itโ€ฆ


if you leave the cursor over the icon it tells you the reason

You married Discourse McNeel today. This is the reason behind cake.



Cheers, :smile:

Discourse for Rhino was opened to the public on or about the 12th of June 2013. So any long-time members that crossed over to here from the old newsgroup format will probably have a cake on or about this date (I got mine yesterday).

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โ€œCakedayโ€, as itโ€™s called, is the online equivalent of birthday, so as pointed out by several of the others, itโ€™s the day you signed up for Discourse. I think it was originally a Reddit/Imgur thing, and for some of those who are REALLY into their online โ€œlifeโ€, itโ€™s quite a big thing. Go figureโ€ฆ

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Where will my cake appear? Added: Just checked and I joined July 3.