Why Curve network doesn't work?

I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but why doesn’t it work regardless of the order in which I click the curves. I just can’t figure it out: D

Here’s one way with NetworkSrf.

Dear @wadim2011
if you want more specific answers, post the .3dm file.
if it is a cylinder, and red, blue, cyan, green curve are the same, a simple _revolve should do the work.
other suspects are:
_loft + _matchSrf,
and there is also some great technics using Control-Point modelling…(see Rhino training level 2)
kind regards, -tom

patch also does an ok job of doing such trickeries.


I just want to make my own stand, but it just doesn’t work -.-

Hello - it seems like maybe you are starting with a relatively ambitious project before quite understanding how the surfacing tools work - I’d step back and make sure you fully understand


more stuff here:



if you are looking for a way to close such legs with round endings, consider using pipe, with 2 different radi and caps set to round you will have a fast and maybe sufficient solution for the entire legs.

the conjunction in the middle can be done with blend surface, maybe not too ambitious but finding the right tools requires a bit experience with rhino of course.

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thanks i have somehow managed to get the feet with the round ends done by myself: D but now i’m trying to get the conjunction in the middle. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the photo. I probably thought that I would use sweep to rail on all three feet and then use blend surface, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Do you happen to have a simple idea? : D

well i did a very quick build, so excuse the ugly disproportions i am sure you will do a better job :slight_smile:

i would use BlendSrf from one leg to the other

trim it like so

and rotate copy it

you may want to trim a bit of each edge off and blend that with each other for a better look but i leave that to you.

now draw a line from an ortho view and trim a part off

create your alien bubble head and trim a bit off either

now use BlendSrf and finished is your invasionator.

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watching some youtube stuff, i suddently found something looking very familiar

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haha nice, that you even thought about it :slight_smile: Thanks again

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If I’m lucky enough to catch you here :smiley:

Do you have any idea how to create such a pattern?

Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo from the front -.-