Why are Layer Visibility changes part of the default "undoable" actions?

as the title suggest I find that for my workflow is pretty unconvinient to have changes made to the layers visibility included as default undoable commands, however I think that a layer must be automatically turned on IF a geometry change is made in that layer as result of “undo” otherwise the latest layer visibility should be preserved.

for me having the layer visibility changing as I undo stuff simply makes my workflow harder, for me is equivalent of having camera changes as part of the default undoable actions.

now big question , can I manually ignore layer visibility changes for the undo command? how?

I’ve done some search and I didn’t find anything related.

Best regards.!

I don’t believe this is currently possible. There is an old YT item (not visible publicly), I’ll add this request to it.
RH-4035 Undo layer operations