White hatch printing black in B&W mode

The screenshot below shows two PDFs, the top one has the Output Color set to Print Color, and the bottom has it set to Black & White.
On the left is text above a hatch with a white display & print color.
On the right is is a closed extrusion with a green display color and a white print color.
Both are are in shaded view mode, with rectangles below both objects.

Since the fill of a 3D object doesn’t honor the print color, I would like to just print using Black & White, however when I do that, white hatches show up as black.

Is this the intended behavior, and is there any work-around? my goal is to be able to show a mix of 3D objects and 2D location tags in a plan view, using hatches like a region or wipeout in AutoCAD.


The only work-around I’ve found is to print in color, then convert it to B&W in Acrobat’s Preflight.
Is this the intended behavior though? Seems odd for a white fill to print in black.

Hi Paul -

I see this and put it on the list as RH-69172.