White Eagle Concept Design

Hi all!

This time I present a concept that I did long time ago and I wanted to talk a bit about the process.

I do these concepts in my free time. There’s no brief or deadline so I simply create something from my mind, trying to experiment with the creative/technical areas of design and giving to the viewer an idea of a product in a created sci-fi world.

As usual, I start with a story, so I came with this before doing a line on paper:

"Meanwhile in a world in conflict:
(Hidden soldier waiting for instructions)

  • Why they call it the White Eagle if that s**t is entirely black!?
    (Another hidden soldier)
  • Because if they shoot that s**t, the last thing that you will see is the white color.

White Eagle is a secret nuclear weapon for massive destruction attacks. Basically, it’s AI detects enemies in the atmosphere which converts the White Eagle in a powerful way to avoid attacks from space. Also, a soldier with the proper permission (and the equipment) can access to the manual shooting mode if need a massive attack on a specific spot-on earth. Two blasts are just necessary to destroy not just the surface but also the underground. Be aware to manipulate those rockets with extremely caution."

Everything was modelled from scratch inside Rhino using the same techniques that I use for almost everything. Blocking, detailing and finally organization for the renders. I highly recommend start with the proportions using simple blocks, then go to the mid details and finally add some small details to give it a bit of complexity.

For the render part, I did this in Vray for Rhino. Take in count that I try to do this in a quick way, so I used mostly triplanar textures and simple materials, playing with a bit if dirt in the edges, etc.

All decals are made using the Rhino function for decals. I don’t do UVs inside Rhino with complex surfaces, but you could use simple surfaces with opacity maps in case you want to manipulate each sticker without compromising the main geometry. The reason is all the problems related with projection.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to write it down in the comments. I hope this can be useful somehow.