White Border - Canvas Locked after Rhino/Revit Delete

This has happened a few times and I can’t seem to find a remedy short of closing all files and reopening.

When a Rhino-Inside component is running (black) and is deleted, a white border shows up on the canvas and everything is locked. Usually if “delete-all” is chosen on the warning pup up the canvas unlocks again but not always.

Is there a reason for this and a way to unlock the canvas again after the white border?


Thanks for reporting. Can you provide the RiR version you are using? (Rhino.Inside About) & Revit Version.



When that happens something is causing Revit/Rhino/GH to lose context (revit is stuck in a transaction). These can be difficult to track down. Like you said, sometimes it does it sometimes not.

When deleting a component you can Shift+Del to avoid that dialog.

Sure thing, see attached.
Screenshot 2022-01-03 171225