Which version I should use net48 or net 7.0?

Hi guys,

Why my grasshopper project will create two dll. one is net48 and net7.0? which one I should use?

should I keep only net7.0 only?

Thank you.

Hey @smartunfold,

Can you tell me more about your project and what you hope to achieve? That’ll help me give you a better, fuller answer :slight_smile:

– cs

Hi Callum Sykes,

Thank you for your reply.

I use visual studio 2022 to develop a grasshopper component. There is no plugin right now for Rhino, only the grasshopper component. The target Rhino version is r8. But later on, if successful, the grasshopper component will be recompiled for Rhino 7 & 6. Right now, I just test the idea, it seems to me right now that the component or components can be developed from the current rhino API.

I use c# to deal with the Rhino and c++ to do the calculation under vs 2022.


Hi @smartunfold,

If this is about distribution, why not include both?

– Dale

I would disagree to Dale a bit. Net (Core) 7 and Net Framework 4.8 are not the same and even behave different in certain cases. Same with Rhinocommon. If you start from scratch forget about 4.8 and RH 6/7 and do not support legacy versions. You only double the amount of maintenance and you restrict yourself from using modern language and framework features. Especially if this is a non-commercial project you should minimize any extra work. In 2 years probably nobody supports both anyway. I would even limit the Rhino version and officially support only the version you develop with. It gets evil if you start fixing bugs for one particular target…