Which tool do i use to make these surfaces as smooth as possible?

Making the outside surface for this model was pretty easy, I’m however having a hard time getting the inside surface to be smooth! All tips are helpful, I have got it to point where the surface is acceptable but it’s not great.


Skohållare Rhino v19.3dm (14.4 MB)

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It is difficult to make suggestions without a .3dm file with the geometry and input used to create the geometry such as curves. You can upload a file by dragging it to where you type a post, or by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

Also helpful is a description of how the model was created Based on the tags I assume NetworkSrf was used. That command can be very useful and is a favourite of new users, but it has some downsides. NetworkSrf frequently results in surfaces with many control points. Good models usually have close to the minimum number of control points needed to create the desired shape while conforming to any criteria. Fewer control points generally results in smoother surfaces and makes editing the surfaces much easier.

I 'll say use Rhino 7 quadremesher then subd. Or directly subd in rhino 7. There are many discussions on these subjects.

Thank you! I will try making it without networksrf! Great tips:)

Hello - it helps to think about how to break down the shape into simple surfaces - the base surface appears to be flat - if so, make it a plane. The red areas in the image can probably be simple surfaces, and the blues dashed lines also fairly simple transition surfaces between these larger ones…


Thanks! I will try that, for the more advanced parts do you think it’s fine to use networksrf?

Hello - NetworkSrf would probably not be my first choice here. If you want ‘as smooth as possible’ it pays to spend some energy figuring out a good layout for primary and transition surfaces; NetworkSrf may or may not be a fine choice but generally does not make the cleanest surfaces possible in Rhino - but it can be a much faster way out sometimes … it will depend on just what ‘smooth as possible’ means, the time available, etc.
-Post your file, someone will probably be able to get you pointed in the right direction.


Jumping in to offer an alternative construction method.

I prefer to use the control points and manipulate like SudB mesh, but simply with Nurbs.

Please see attached images and 3D file that shows the approach. I have not tried to copy your exact shape, but simply give you a technique. Good luck!

Rhino help.3dm (16.3 MB)


Thank you so much! I will try this method!:))