Which programming language is the best, VB, Python or C#? for who wants to run code in grasshopper

Which programming language is the best, VB, Python or C#? for who want to run code in grasshopper.

Want to know your opinion.

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There is no definitive answer for your question.
It all depends on you and what your current knowledge and skills are. And t depends on what you want to code.
I’d advice newcomers to go for Python because it is most easy to learn.

However with C# you will likely have a much faster performance…

So what is it you would like to code?


Pick one and stick to it :wink:

Personally I think Python is more accessible, but it requires more of an effort to structure the code. Also I think it helps to know C# to understand the RhinoCommon and Grasshopper API.

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This topic has been discussed to death (do a search). Also go read this ol’ goodie:


AEC sector (in the classic sence):

This means that you (or the practice) work with various BIM oriented apps (where R/GH are a rather tiny part - if used at all). If projects are complex and not outsourced (the norm these days) this means that the language of choice should be the “common” development language … in other words in most of cases C#. Plus count as well the amount of free available literature/resources/“pieces” (so to speak). Plus judge very carefully what means in real life // programming (if there’s benefits in your practice for doing that).

Other sectors (except AEC consultant):

Pick one and cross fingers that you did the right choice.

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For me, C# seems really easier than python.
I know some languages and I’ve never seen a dirtier code than python.

I’d prefer to work with rhinoscript syntax instead of python.

Go with C#, it is really well implemented with rhino and grasshopper and you’ll be likely receive help from the forum. Also, you’ll be ready to do bigger and more complex stuff in future.


Python is only as dirty as YOU make it.

I don’t want to make polemic.
It surely is just my personal opinion.

When I had 8yo i started “programming” with GW Basic … with some minute reading, already then, I was able to understand the code without any external explanation, just by looking at the code and learning from its syntax.
Then, I did the same thing with other languages: rhinoscript, php, javascript, shell, c#…
If I can understand them “fast” is because how they were written, probably.
Anyway, I never had problem “reverse-engineering” other’s code.

I never wrote in python… I always just tried to understand other’s code.
Up to today, I still fail big time to do it!
I would say because it is “dirty” … i have no idea of how to describe it differently…

It’s a personal opinion from a noob programmer.

I hear you. Different languages definitely suit different brains. I personally prefer C# for writing compiled stuff (e.g. in Visual Studio) and CPython/IronPython for scripting stuff (e.g. in Sublime Text/GHPython). Whereas VB and RhinoScript read as complete gibberish to me :man_shrugging:

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