C# , vb script , c++ or python

hie … i am total newbie in grasshopper community … but now i learnt new things and few basics about python scripting … i am new to scripting also .

so my question is why is there so many option for scripting in grasshopper
and how do one decide which language to use …( c# , vb script , c++ or python )

( i have searched about this in internet but it didn’t help to give a definite answer )

Did you notice this?

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In addition to @Joseph_Oster’s link to our main page, here’s my take on languages:

  • C#. Great, go for it. Lots of information out there about it.
  • VB. Hmm, somewhat less great. It’s functionally similar to C#, but just fewer people speak it. In terms of books it doesn’t matter, but in terms of getting help it might.
  • Python. Great, go for it. I don’t speak/like it myself but plenty of others do. There’s lots of documentation, but do note that the flavour of python used in Rhino is not necessarily the same as used elsewhere. Not all the libraries that exist for python will work in Rhino. This may change in the future, I do not know.
  • C++. I really wouldn’t. Unless you are already very familiar with C++ there’s no reason to start with it if your goal is Grasshopper. The amount of people worldwide who will be able to help you will be about two on a good day.

All will work :slight_smile: mostly it’s a question of what you already know and what you would like to do in the long term.

…is a good place to start your research.

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you can also use c, fortran,f# and probaly more, however its not documented;).

Definitly have a look at c# and python. Python is easier to learn, c# is better suited to the Rhino environment.
You might also start learning basics about the programming first: what are objects, variables, methods etc…learn how to read an library documentation (“sdk”) and errormessages. Although people are very helpful here, don’t bother them with coding basics, rather try solving problems first on your own, googling errormessages helps a lot. Asking effective questions is a key skill for programmers, I do that all day when coding…stack overflow is a great resource