Which is better

I think 4 option
first amd 3700x +16gb ram + 2060
second amd 3700x + 32gb +1660super
third amd 2700x + 16gb + 2070
forth amd 2700x + 32gb + 2060super
which is better?

intel …

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Depends what you’re doing with it. Rhino itself is largely single threaded, in which case Intel should also be considered. Similarly Rhino doesn’t utilise the GPU too heavily, so there I’d spend more of the money on a good CPU instead.
If you’re rendering scenes on the other hand more cores and a better GPU become important, so you’re likely better off buying AMD (as they give better multi-threaded performance per dollar), along with a decent GPU.
Lastly, the amount of RAM depends on the models you are dealing with, but if you want to future-proof I’d recommend 32GB of RAM for CAD applications.

In summary, describe your workflow and you’ll get better recommendations. among those 4 I’d suggest option 2, as the CPU is great, GPU is good enough for most applications and you have enough RAM to deal with large models.

1660super enough at rhino work?

You already said you’re on a tiny budget, if it’s the best you can afford get it. Any new video card will “work.” These sorts of questions are NOT interesting.

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