Which industry uses Rhino 6 the most?

Thanks to the tools
But it is wrong to say that many tools do not need to be added to Rhino, because some software have great features that are not in Rhino or have a bug or bug that hasn’t been fixed for 5 years or more. .Why?
Now when users notice that one software has fewer commands than other software, they drop it.
Of course, any software is good, but these problems should be fixed. Why don’t developers troubleshoot commands like Shell, filters, etc., and leave it for many years and not fix it because there are so many reports already?
Rhino is great software but why not find it, like adding a new Subd to Rhino. Was this a mistake? Great, but mcneel should look at other software like belender maya 3dmax and more.
For new users to work with Rhino
Lastly, thank the developers

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My understanding is Rhino is used as the primary design software by many if not most of the the North American boat designers and builders who design and build boats less than approximately 100 feet / 30 meters in length. Design for large ships is usually done with other software.

I know only a couple of companies that use solely Rhino to create yachts. One in France and one in Germany.

(not saying there aren’t others, these are the ones I know)

Most of the other companies I know across Europe use Rhino as a helping tool for pre- and post- processing.