Which GPU to use?

Hi, I am working on a HP Elitedesk 705 G4 with AMD Ryzen 5 pro 2400 G 3.60 GHz peocessor. It has an on-board AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 GPU (I think AMD calls this combination APU). Unfortunately this does not perform well with Rhino 6. I would like to know which GPU I could best install to get best performance. I assume AMD will be best, since there is an AMD CPU on board… But I read that a gaming GPU is not the best choice, so better a CPU that was designed for CAD… I also read that the GPU should support OpenGL 4.1, but I find al lot GPU’s that support OpenGL 4.5. Are they backwards compatible with 4.1?? I am a bit confused and lost by all information I find on the web… Maybe someone has experience with AMD GPU?? Thank you in advance!