Where is the Split Screen for GH and Rhino on the Mac side?

Where is the Split Screen for GH and Rhino on the Mac side?



Do you mean two equally sized manually or auto-magically?

If former just drag size both. If latter, don’t know if exists…???

Yes, Like on Windows

I think you’re describing the Windows 10 desktop tool where you drag a window to the side of the display and it automatically scales up and docks to that side.
This is a Windows feature, not a Rhino or Grasshopper feature.

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In Win, it is Windows key + left or right arrows, if memory serves, correct?

Like you probably tried, every combination of left or right arrows + command or option or control or shift did not work on Mac OS.

On macOS you can use its Split View feature with Grasshopper and the Rhino window.

Hope this helps!

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Good news!

I searched for it but do not see it.

Where is it?

Click on the “Split View” link in Curtisw’s reply.

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Yea, it’s a finger !@#$ maneuver though.

I can do it faster manually. (this could be a personal problem) Someone told me Macs were better. Now I want my money back. (Not!..:imp:)

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after you’re in it, the two will be linked together… resize one window and the other follows.
so that part at least, is faster than manually arranging.

(that said, the original move is also faster than manually arranging… i think.
:wink: )

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Wm, I’d highly recommend getting this app: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/bettersnaptool/id417375580?mt=12

Better Snap Tool is indispensable if you like the window snapping features of Windows and you miss them on a Mac.

I’m a long time Mac user and only use Windows for Rhino with MadCAM and the window snapping is just better in Windows than MacOS in my opinion.

The way to Split Screen any window on Mac OS is to hold the green dot in the left corner of an app window hold it clicked for moment the you will be able to select the left/right side of the screen and the secent app you want to have on the other half of the screen.

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Thanks, all!!!