When will plugins be available in Rhino for Mac?

Rhino 5 for Mac is releasing soon available. Plugins are not now supported as of the 5.1 update

Two BIG things need to happen before plugins will be available for Rhino for Mac:

1. We provide plugin authoring tools to third-party developers. DONE (see below).
2. Third-party developers write their plugins for Rhino for Mac.

More details…

Regarding item 1: For the 5.1 update to Rhino for Mac, this is our first priority. RhinoCommon, Rhino’s cross-platform .NET SDK, is working on Rhino for Mac. There are a number of tasks we need to perform to get everything working smoothly (plugin wizards, SDK documentation, etc), but we do not foresee technical hurdles on this front. We are actively working on these issues right now.

On to item 2: Though there are many things we can do to help third-party developers, this is not under our control. We cannot guarantee that plugin X for Windows will be available on Mac. This is up to the third-party developer. What you can do is urge the authors of plugins you love to port their code to Mac. Some plugins will be easy to port, some will not. We will work with each developer individually to address their issues.

Plugins have not been an afterthought. Over the course of Rhino for Mac’s development, this has been one of the main technical challenges. Rhino’s plugin ecosystem has been critical to the success of the software. We are excited to be releasing Rhino for Mac soon…and we will be even more excited when third-party developers start releasing their plugins.

When will plugins be available in Rhino for Mac? Could be as soon as 5.1…but it depends (see 2 above). It depends on when your favorite plugins developer ports their work to Rhino for Mac.



We are pleased to announce that plugin developers can now author and distribute plugins that run in Rhino for Mac. RhinoCommon plugins are now supported in the 5.1 update.

As of today, the selection of plugins is limited. Please contact your favorite plugin author and let them know you would like to see their plugin in Rhino for Mac.

Check back on this forum for updates. Also, keep an eye out for new Rhino for Mac plugins on Food4Rhino and rhino3d.com.


Hi Dan,
Where can I find the updates on which new plugins have been made?

Hi Ned-

The best listing is Rhino for Mac plugins on Food4Rhino. Not all plugins are listed here, however. Keyshot and Maxwell, for example, both have plugins that run in Rhino for Mac.

Are you looking for a plugin in particular?

Hi Dan,

That is good news that keyshot has a plugin, that will be my backup as I have loved keyshot for many years - on windows.

But I would like to test vray as I believe it is more powerful and more suited to architectural renders which I am now doing instead of furniture and products.
Is there a plugin for vray?


Not at this time, as far as I understand. Please contact the developers and let them know you’d like to see V-Ray for Rhino for Mac.

Hi Dan, I will do thanks, where are the developers? how do I do that?

Support at Chaos Group appears to be here:

I’ve tried contacting Chaos Group, you will get a reply but you will get no answers, although it is worth sending an email so at least they know Vray for Mac Rhino is wanted and needed

Chaos Group replied and said they are working on it but couldn’t give a deadline, hopefully sometime soon though!

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