When will cycles be ready to use

When will cycles be ready to use, I can’t get anything decent out of it even simple things just turn out crappy looking. Also I don’t really care about real time rendering I would rather have cycles perform in a rendered window like the standard. I think the real time is ok for setup but then could be passed to a render window that doesn’t stop me from modeling.

I like the look of the blender renderings but how the hell to achieve that seems beyond cycles in Rhino now and I don’t see any help or info on how to get anything decent. Please don’t complicate things, rendering should be as easy as apply materials hit a light and render not all this complicated mumbo jumbo.

Enable the Cycles for Rhino plug-in (it comes with the latest WIP, just not enabled) for modal rendering.

You shouldn’t have to do much to get good scenes. For ‘simple’ products you generally would use just skylighting (with a Rhino studio setup). I would not bother setting up a different env for reflection and skylights, just stick to a good 360° env .

The basic Rhino materials should suffice for most of your usages, without the need to tweak much - at most the color, maybe amount of reflection. All that together means you don’t have to do much to get good results.

Note that many Blender renderings out there are the result of hard work, often further enhanced by intricate usage of the compositor. Much of Blender rendering is not just simple drag and drop of stuff, but lots of tweaking, lots of testing and rerendering.

That said, if you have good proposals on how to improve the current workflow, I’m all ears (eyes).


Cool thanks I see the update downloading now.
I wish it worked the way you describe. Skylighting is not working well at all and the control of it doesn’t work well, the mcneel materials never turn out in the rendering or they are mis-mapped,wrong scale, wrong glossy settings that burn out the rendering and other countless problems, custom mapping is overcomplicated and seems to be broke, the lighting hard to get the right look, the environment mappings don’t work well or look lousy and the plethora of settings are a pain and are repeated in different areas.
Can you share a simple scene I could download that will give me a decent result because I’ve tried but always go back to Max. I’ve been rendering for years in max and in old rhino and have used vray and lightscape and others but cycles just never ever has produced one good result.
I would love to get cycles to the blender standard that I see, but please don’t make this into blender which in my mind is the worst gui of all time. Make it simple you guys are making things too complicated to get good results or maybe there are just too many bugs to address thus my initial post when will cycles be ready to use.
Thanks for listening I know you’re working your ass of, I see you everywhere on this list. I just don’t want it to be wasted effort since Cycles looks so promising.

Could you please attach some simple setups that show the problems you are mentioning? I’d like to see clearer examples of where it goes wrong, I may be to accustomed to current workflow. But my experiences is that one shouldn’t have to tweak much. Maybe some annotated set of screenshots where you set up some simple scene that doesn’t result in a good rendering.

I’d be happy to see where improvements can be done to further improve.

Will do it’s but for me it’s as simple as hitting render in the cycles viewport, nothing looks good. You are saying you get correctly lit anti aliased images right out of the box with cycles without tweaking?
Could you post a simple scene as well that works so I can see your work flow and what I am doing wrong? I think that would not only help me but others on the list as well.


This is my latest test nothing special I applied plastic and wood materials from the library and set lighting sun off and standard skylight checked. This is all out of the box I then rendered at final quality. Took 21 minutes and to my eye this doesn’t look right. Texture mapping is badly applied wrong scale and if there is bump I don’t see it. Plastic doesn’t look that great either if I turn sun on and render the scene is over exposed with sky light, if I turn skylight off the shadows have no ambient light, I know I see the setting but I should be able to use both and get nice quality shadows that are not 000 black.
Also 21 minutes to get this kind of quality that looks like scan line 12 second render.
Here is the image


Thanks. I’ll see if I can replicate this tomorrow.