When baking text it becomes too big

I have some text generated from grasshopper. When I bake the text it becomes huge, how do I prevent this?
This problem has been highlighted once recently, but there wasn’t posted any solution.

Before baking:

After baking:

After baking zoomed out:

I want it to bake into the size that is displayed before baking.

Hello @dsqrtz

You got 2 options
1- Create an Annotation Style to match the desired height before baking, set that style to default and then bake your ladybug object. This takes some extra effort but retains the editability of the text.

2- use a component from Wombat called Text2Crv this will extract the outlines from the text then you can apply any of the standard GH workflow to surface it or mesh it before baking,

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Thank you for your answer Tay. I am not able to test your solution right now, but it looks promising, so I will mark it as the solution.

This might also be the culprit: