Small text baked into huge text

I am baking text and it becomes huge as i bake it.
Wondering if you ever faced the same issue? The printscreen below is using the Wallacei plugin but it happened to me before using GH with no plugin.
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Is it connected with units and scale of current rhino document opened? Or settings are the same?



i am facing currently the same problem, in GH the text and geometry is in proper relation in regards to size, but if i try to bake them into Rhino, the geometry is ok, but the text is extreme huge size, similar to your screen shot.

Do you found a solution for this already?

I will check further and if i found solution, i will get back here and share with you.


Hi Kai -
Which version of Rhino are you running and can you post a simple gh file that shows the behavior?

Hi @wim

im using Rhino 7.
I think i already found the solution, was just not done with playing around in my code.
I think the problem is the size of the text / tagging.

If you set the size of the Text to 0.5 or 1, the text will appear properly on the geometry.
in the GH mode, it seems like there is nothing added, but if you zoom in in rhino, you can see there is, and if you bake it, then it appears in proper size.



This is more a cause than a solution, but I noticed that baked texts in Rhino 7 automatically are assigned a Style and Model space scale, which can cause this scaling. Here’s a side-by-side of Rhino 5 and Rhino 7 demonstrating this:

You can set the Model space scale to 1.00 (either on the object on the style) as a workaround.

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