What's the most basic Rhino feature you could live without?

This is just a bit of a thought exercise…as more features get piled on to Rhino, if nothing ever gets removed the UI is never going to actually improve. So I wonder what could be removed? I’m talking really basic things that have been around since Rhino’s inception in the 90s. Pretend you’re Apple and don’t care if someone somewhere still uses it. My first vote would be for Grid Snap, far as I can tell it’s only purpose is for beginner drawing exercises, the only time I ever use it is to turn it off when I accidentally turn it on.



(I also seldom use the grid snap :slightly_smiling_face: )



The entire UI, except maybe the viewport. :thinking:


You’ll use magic instead? Cool, let us know how that works!



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Yes, the magical commands. :man_mage:

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Commands are UI :man_shrugging: The User Interface is any way you interact with the software.


Rotate, move and scale.


i agree 100%.

in this case the interface gets rather in the way. a viewport only with commands popping up if needed or a floating command appearing when entering a command is what really would kick my buckets like on mac just without the framing icons which is/are just decoration, like … hmm art deco? just far less beautiful :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

no but seriously.

Assuming you mean the “Icon” part of the UI (since the command prompt is also UI), you can just hide it all with -Fullscreen and check off any panels you don’t need. I usually work with command prompt, the bottom bar, layers and properties (docked to the side). Way cleaner than seeing all the unused icons.

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nope, not working on mac… i wish it would.

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Oh, true, I forgot that you meant on Mac :frowning:

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Theoratically , Layers
Practically , Gumball


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To be replaced by something else?

I don’t use Gumball so would not miss it if it vanished.

Well, to speculate, the idea might be that we have “layers” and “groups” and “blocks” and even more mechanisms for organizing your model, all meant for different purposes, and…well is it necessary to have them all? Could they be consolidated into fewer more sophisticated paradigms that help you organize your model in all the ways you might want?


Interesting so far…I was thinking mostly about super-archaic tools that date back to the earliest computer drawing programs and aren’t really relevant to modern workflows, I guess we also have(not to specifically judge but just to categorize) more recent additions that look cool in demos but longtime users don’t care about.

SmartTracking? I know it’s handy the once every 2 years you remember to use it, but it seems hardly worthy of taking up status bar space.

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Line? :rofl:

Custom Hierarchies/Sorting/Grouping/Layers/???

Why are we restricted to the one Layer structure/panel only?