What's new / What to test list?


I could not find a “what’s new list” for V6, is there one?

And it would be great to have a “focus on these tools” list too.


Rhino 6 WIP/BETA?
Where is Rhino 6?
(Brian James) #2

We obviously need to get commands added to the ‘New in v6’ toolbar but in the meantime, here’s some stuff I’d suggest looking at…

  • Osnaps should snap to visible objects only by default.
  • FilletEdge fillets are editable using the ‘edit’ command line option
  • There’s a new basic material and preview
  • New ‘Thicken’ render mesh modifier
  • Support for Ngons (Ngonulate command)
  • Grasshopper is included

Just Starting My Rhino 6 Journey, How Can I Help The Team?


(Bob McNeel) #4

Keep in mind that you have a very old build that is only a placeholder until we get all the infrastructure working.


Ok, nice to know.
I have not found much information about this WIP phase yet so it is good that you fill me in.

(Bob McNeel) #6

This phase is setting up a new WIP infrastructure.

The main idea is that there will always be WIP builds available to a smaller group of users.

Beta versions for the next release will be available to all current users for a short period at the end of the development cycle.

(Pascal Golay) #7


  • AddGuide/RemoveGuide (for when SmartTrack is active)
  • Auto snapping to the origin and X and Y axes when SmartTrack is active
  • InfinitePlanes, (type IP) , accessible from any command that can use a plane, like Trim, Split, Boolean* etc.
  • Materials handled differently.
  • Fresnel reflectivity and polish available in materials (polish = pretty slow…)


(Steve Baer) #8

Use the “new in 6” tag in youtrack. This list will get cleaned up over time, but it does serve as a good starting point.


What is new / what should be tested?
What is new / what should be tested?
(Brian Gillespie) #9

There’s also the Change Log (which just started working today).


I am going to have a stimulus satiation if i read through all this :wink:


(Brian Gillespie) #11

Yeah, we’re currently trying to figure out a better way to present “What’s New” at several levels so that you can get an idea of the major improvements without reading through 3500 words of drivel :smile:


Google images are great when needing to understanding new words…


Yeah :slight_smile: It also feels like this in the morning.


(Brian Gillespie) #14

Ah, Tim Burton.

(Bob McNeel) #15

(Steve Baer) #16

I moved a post to a new topic: V6 Focus and Suggestions


This is so exciting! Can’t wait to try out these new features!

(Bob McNeel) #18