Wish: a “what’s new in V6” section in the WIP


A “what’s new in V6” section in the WIP’s would be useful to differentiate and explore the new features and help us give feedback
This “what’s new in V6” section would obviously evolve over time and some new commands probably would disappear in the future. Nevertheless IMHO I think it would be a useful feature.

If the “what’s new in V6” already exists my apologies !



Here is a link to “what’s new in V6”

And your apology was accepted.
and see also http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/index.htm#commandlist/newinrhino.htm%3FTocPath%3DCommands|_____2

Looks like that list is far from complete or thoroughly updated.


I want this and need this. More details, please.

So there is one already…thank you for the clarification ! :slight_smile: