What's New in Rhino.Inside.Revit for 9.24.2020

Here is what is new with latest Rhino.Inside.Revit. There are a lot of new possibilities this opens up:

New components:

  • Add Subcategory component
  • Add Railing component.
  • Pin and Unpin component - automatically pin and unpin with Grasshopper.
  • Flip Revit Element component - Flip (mirror) families around their axis.

Upcoming workshop: Friday, October 16th
Scott Davidson and Ehsan Iran-Nejad from Mcneel will be teaching Rhino.Inside.Revit at #AECTech2020! This 3 hour workshop on Friday, October 16th at 1-4pm ET. Explore the new workflows and learn how to create custom components. Details and registration

A new guide with videos explains ways to:

  1. Create quick drawings in Revit from Rhino models
  2. Creating Families with Rhino using Subcategories
  3. Creating Native Revit elements with Grasshopper

For all changes to this release see the Release Notes…

To get up to date, please install both:

  1. The latest Rhino 7 Beta
  2. Most recent Rhino.Inside.Revit build

Hi, where can I find the grasshopper files used in this workshop to follow along? I couldn’t find them on the Rhino.inside.Revit webpage. Thanks

Here is a collection of sample files that go with my videos: https://github.com/mcneel/rhino.inside-revit/tree/1.x/docs/static/archives