Rhino.Inside Revit video tutorials by Gavin Crump

Gavin Crump, BIM Manager at Crone Architects, is raving about Rhino.Inside—and producing a series of tutorials on bridging Rhino and Revit together.

Using Grasshopper in Revit is a massive breakthrough for computational designers. Rhino.Inside Revit gives you access to Rhino/Grasshopper within Revit.

In this first tutorial, Gavin covers accessing Revit elements via Grasshopper, then baking them into a Rhino model.

More tutorials are in Gavin’s future agenda, including reading and setting parameter values in Revit.

You can download Rhino.Inside (free if you have a Rhino 6 license).

Rhino Inside: Revit Elements into Rhino (Part 1)

Posted Nov 18, 2019 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.

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