Whats is the best way to run a GH script in Batch

Hello everyone,

I have done a GH script and now I need to run it in Batch mode.

the objective is to change a couple of variables in panels and sliders and when the script finished running export the geometry into a .3dm file.

I got everything working, I made the export function with Pancake and works fine.

Tried Metahopper to change variable in batch, but can not really make sense of it.

I also need a trigger for the export when the script has finished running after updating the varialbles, is there a trigger like that?

should I just make a python script inside GH with a loop to change variables? but I need the trigger to run all the GH script before continue on the python loop.

I’m totally lost on this one

Made some development using Metahopper, attched the gh script.

but as far as I can tell, it is only possible to have 1 variable, if we add 2 variables it will double the matrix.
I didnt find a way to run 2 variables at the same time instead of creating a matrix.

I tried doing an Entine of both lists as a tree and then spliting the tree again, but is not working.

Batch Test Scrip.gh (14.2 KB)