What rendering software to use for jewelry?

I am doing some designs for jewelry products and I have not been able to get a decent rendering out of vanilla rhino, is it possible to get a good rendering out of just rhino? What other programs are recommended? I have looked at a few, but they seem to be pricey. Any information or input would be appreciated.

RhinoGold had the option of using Brazil
Matrix uses Vray

Both developers have done a lot of work to make it relatively easy to assign appropriate materials and place then in nicely lighted scene.
My point is getting the renderings looking good using Brazil or Vray on your own will not be a trivial task.

Now includes Arion (no extra cost). --Mitch

So I need rhino gold and brazil to get a good rendering?

It depends what quality you’re looking for and how much time you have to invest in learning the program. Look at images created by each and their price.

If cost is the deciding factor, try the free Neon plugin first - also install the Brazil trial to get additional features.

Rings from Brazil gallery: http://brazil.rhino3d.com/photo/photo/search?q=ring

Selective well done renders of products from Vray gallery, including some jewelry: http://www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/galleries.html?catID=13&p=2

I have found Neon to be very useful and it is free.

Oh wow, I didn’t know neon was free. Exactly what I was looking for when I started this thread :slight_smile:
I will download Neon today, just while I have a jeweler on the line, are there any other free plugins I should look into?
I currently only have grasshopper

Food4Rhino has quite a few Jewelry specific plugins - RhinoRing is a plugin for Rhino which is free for users with an Educational license. (Caveat - this is a bit of self-promotion as I wrote the plugin - with a lot of help from this forum :slight_smile: ) There is also a range of Neon materials included and a studio scene to quickly render with.

I will certainly check that out. Also I was not aware of this food4rhino website, good to know. Do you suggest going to search and typing in jewelry to find the plugins you are talking about? Which plugins do you find most useful designing jewelry?

McNeel have given us the best tools to design with - History linked objects have added great flexibility.

I have tried to make sure that most of the RhinoRing commands do not break history and the underlying profiles can be updated realtime.

Armadillo is not free - but is very powerful !

McNeel’s Paneling Tools is free and very useful creating patterns.

Have you tried FluidRay RT: http://www.fluidray.com/features/jewelry-design-rendering/

@fluidray - do you have the render scene for this model, most jewelers would prefer to import their model into an existing scene for quick setup and render ?


@KeithR I just sent you the scene through private message

@fluidray thanks - this is very useful.

Kind regards,

What is a scene?

Generally, a “Scene” is the computer environment you create to surround your model, to give the resulting image context, scale, appropriate illumination, reflection, etc.

Anyone know where I can find some good tutorials to show how to use neon?

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