What methods in Rhinocommon does MergeEdge/MergeAllEdges call?

I’m trying to merge the naked edges of a trimmed surface or open Brep in grasshopper, just like the MergeAllEdges command dose. I have looked up all Brep methods (including the methods from BrepLoos and BrepTrims) but couldn’t find anything similar. Any good idea?

What exactly do you mean by this? do you want to get every single naked edge of each surface, and then join them in to a single curve?

What are you trying to do?

Perhaps something like this… :wink:

I also have been looking for something like this (merge all split edges) in RhinoCommon today, but no luck so far. Edit: In this post.

// Rolf

Maybe @dale can add it to Rhinocommon :smiley: it is a useful one.

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@Michael_Pryor - nothing (yet). But I’m working on it.


– Dale


RH-56496 is fixed in the latest Service Release