Join fake naked edges

This trimmed surface comes from flow a planar surface to a ring shape, is a part of my model and I need to join those edges together in order to get a closed brep with the other parts.

The meeting edges are not joined, so they are duplicated, and I have not found a way to join them, getting two internal edges instead of four naked edges.
The Rhino _JoinEdges method works, but I must do it from GH. I tried Brep.JoinNakedEdges() but it doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

srf.3dm (561.8 KB)

brp.3dm (508.5 KB)
I found a blind spot of rhino?
Please help!

Hi Dani
You can solve your problem,like this.
1: Explode a brep
2:join a surface

brp_new.3dm (486.0 KB)
I hope this help you.

Like Dani wrote, it’s no problem to fix this in Rhino, it’s a GH thing.

As such, @Dani_Abalde, it would probably be more helpful to post the GH file instead of the Rhino files.

Thank you both.
I needed to create that ring shape without Boolean operations to make it as fast as possible and I just found a method to build it faster and without this problem, so, it’s solved. Thanks for the advice!

I tried Brep.JoinNakedEdges() but it doesn’t work.

Hey Dani,

Not sure if this is helpful but R6 rhinocommon has this method Brep.JoinEdges(); Which seems to have more control specifically over tolerance settings. Seems you solved already in another way but maybe useful to know for a future situation.