What is this icon?


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Looks like some plug-in variation of the grasshopper component: point in curve ?

Thanks! I am recreating this:

I am getting a “data conversion failed from surface to curve” error when I try this

In order to not select point on the border you could do that

Initial discussion

If it is a variation of the ‘point in curve’ you should probably switch to the native component ‘point in curve’ - also, I don’t know if you’re recreating an example that’s exactly the same as what you show, or if it was something else where they were culling points based on curve containment but using a trimmed surface for the surface division. Your surface seems untrimmed, thus all points are already ‘on it’ and perhaps you don’t need the component at all given no point is outside - again, if it is a point in curve component. Bear in mind that you cannot test for point inclusion/containment using the border of the surface if it’s not planar - the points should be on the same plane as the containment curve in order to test properly - show a link to what you’re recreating for more effective deciphering.


Thanks! I’ve got this so far. The cockerel silhouette isn’t to all points just yet.
array along surface - grasshopper.gh (10.5 KB)
array along surface - grasshopper.3dm (705.0 KB)

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Thanks @Caitlin_Marie_Driver ,

Though I confess I (still) have no clue what you’re replicating, I checked your file and did a couple of things.

First, upon realizing you’re trying to orient a closed brep using the surface planes at each division point, I got rid of the duplicate points along the seam of the cylindrical surface. Second, I left an option to use all the division points or exclude those touching the edge of the cylindrical surface.

array along surface - grasshopper.gh (48.5 KB)

Array many objects onto a polysurface-- is this possible in Grasshopper? - Grasshopper (grasshopper3d.com)

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Thank you so much for all of your effort, René! This is far enough for me to work with now & change to how i’d like it. You’re the best!

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